Year-Round Swimming Keeps Your Child Safe

The Importance of Year-Round Swimming

Swim•Float•Swim! is open year-round. With other activities your child may be participating in, you may find yourself questioning whether or not to continue year-round swimming.  If your child is currently in our stroke program, a temporary break from the pool will not hinder swim skills. If your child is younger, however, swimming in either Aquababies or a FunDay class, it would be wise to continue swimming year-round. Why? Read on.

KellyairplanekidsWhen younger children take a break, even a short one, we usually see a regression in their skills when they return to the pool. They may refuse to float or stop rolling to their back to breathe. They often lose confidence in general. If you absolutely do need to take a break for whatever reason, when they return, in all likelihood they will need some privates to get them back up to speed and ready for group class again. There is a charge for these privates if your child is not continuously enrolled in a year round swimming class.



If your child is continually enrolled in either Aquababies or FunDays and needs some extra attention, there is no charge for any additional privates the instructor feels may be beneficial.



Swim Float Swim! sets the industry standard for swim lessons by providing a comprehensive set of critical water skills to our students. Our goal is to equip your child with the necessary skills and confidence to survive in the water in the event of an accidental encounter. Once this is accomplished, your child will thrive in our continuing group classes under the direction of our dedicated and knowledgeable instructors.   FunDay groups are for children 2-4 years old to practice their skills, maintain confidence, and improve retention. Strokes n’ Floats groups introduce more advanced skills to accomplished 4 and 5 year-olds. Stroke School teaches freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke over the course of several levels, initially focusing on freestyle and backstroke. Find more information here. Please follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our blog for the latest news and information! If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact owner Judy Heumann at

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