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About Judy

As the founder of Infant Aquatics®, Judy Heumann is a pioneer in the field of infant swimming. Her career began in the early 1970’s, after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, marrying her husband Norman, and settling in Dallas. Acutely aware of the potential danger her own backyard pool posed for her two young children, she began developing techniques to allow them to safely enjoy the water. In the 1980’s her passion for drowning prevention led her to ISR, an organization teaching aquatic survival. Following a move to Colorado in 1985, she continued to offer life-saving swim lessons to children, while raising her three children. She soon became recognized as Boulder County’s baby swimming specialist, teaching her own students and training instructors throughout Colorado. In 2000 she founded Infant Aquatics, launched the Infant Aquatics website, and created the Infant Aquatic Survival® program. She began training Infant Aquatic Survival instructors and expanding the Infant Aquatics network. She trained her daughter Kyla to accommodate the growing demand for her own Infant Aquatics lessons and continued to increase her staff over the next decade. Judy chose instructors who were parents or grandparents of her students.


Demand for lessons exploded until Infant Aquatics outgrew all available pools in Boulder County. In 2010 SWIM•Float•SWIM! opened it’s doors in Longmont, and Judy’s dream of having a dedicated facility to give children the gift of survival and the joy of swimming was finally realized. SWIM•Float•SWIM! instructors use the proven methods Judy has developed over more than 5 decades to ensure that every student can master aquatic survival skills in weeks, not years. Once children complete the Infant Survival, Infant Aquatics or Swim Wizards program, they advance into group classes which strengthen skills and increase confidence. The program includes group classes for skilled children of all ages.

Judy has personally taught more than 8,000 children and trained over 150 instructors, many who travel thousands of miles to learn the Infant Aquatic Survival method. She is thrilled that her team of certified Infant Aquatics instructors is expanding her goal of teaching lifesaving skills to children in five continents around the world.

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