SWIM•Float•SWIM! Facility

From the moment you walk through our doors, you will experience a unique, child friendly environment. A sea of color surrounds you, highlighted by an array of spectacular kites suspended over the pool and observation areas. Check out our incredible water toys: slides, floats, boats – even an airplane – all designed to enhance your child’s aquatic adventure.

Our two warm water (90 degree) pools feature state-of-the art equipment and Ultraviolet water purification systems for the safety and comfort of our little swimmers. UV lowers the overall chlorine level in the water while killing all bacteria without the use of chemicals or foreign agents in the process. The result is crystal clear water and no more shivers, itchy skin or red eyes!

Lessons can be viewed with ease from two raised observation decks, adjacent to each pool. Behind one observation deck is a specially designed play area which delights students and siblings. The second deck allows parents a birds-eye view of both pools.

The facility features two bathrooms, four changing rooms, a deck shower, as well as a baby changing station and 16 foot vanity. Enjoy a snack and beverage after your swim while watching classic children’s videos in our reception area.

Come observe our lessons and experience our facility. You will most certainly “Discover the Difference”.

Swim Lessons Longmont