Completion of private lessons or a private assessment is required
To participate in graduate level swim programs.

The Next Step

Once your infant, toddler or child has completed our aquatic survival swimming program, we encourage you to continue with age-appropriate group classes. These classes are designed to strengthen skills acquired in private swimming lessons and teach your child that the water is a wonderful place to have fun.

At SWIM•Float•SWIM!, we view water play as a healthy component to the physical and emotional development of children and have observed that practicing skills on a regular basis boosts retention, promotes self esteem and prepares children for more advanced stroke instruction.

(7 – 17 months with parent)

After completing private lessons, let your child discover the joy of swimming by joining an Aquababies class. Learn pointers to help you swim with your child in other facilities while enjoying activities designed to enhance skills and prepare your child for FunDay.

(18 months – 4 years without parent)

FunDay is FUN!!! Your child will love sliding, jumping, diving and swimming in a class with friends who have all learned to SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ Older FunDay groups focus on increasing endurance in preparation for advancing to FunDay Advanced.

FunDay Advanced (4 years)

When your child is able to focus on the mechanics of swimming, but still wants to play, he belongs in FunDay Advanced. This class is the perfect solution for the older pre-schooler to get ready for Stroke School.

Stroke School
(5 years and up)

School aged children are taught the components of the four competitive strokes in Stroke School. Students progress through increasing levels of proficiency with our unique curriculum utilizing principles of core swimming.

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